Midwest People Development Services

MPD works with small, medium and large organizations to deliver timely and critical services that drive productivity and enhance workforce development. We bridge the gap between strategy and execution through our proven tools and train your business leaders with real tools that can be immediately adopted and implemented.

As part of our program, we deliver an easy to understand one-page strategy map that describes goals, actions, ownership to assist leaders, employees and other stakeholders.

We have over two decades of C-Suite experience and certified Gallup Leadership Coaches as well as a proven track record of assisting organizations with their business planning. Like most profitable businesses we are results driven with measurable outcomes that are established up-front. We also provide business metrics that can be easily maintained and reported to track progress and results. Along the way, we’ve helped a diverse group of industries including financial services, healthcare, municipalities, manufacturing education and more.

Leadership Development
and Coaching

MPD has over two decades of experience and certified Gallup coaches to ensure organizations are maximizing potential of their…

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and Workshops

We offer a variety of onsite and off-site trainings and workshops to develop a workforce to increase productivity and retention…

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Organizational Design
and Succession Planning

MPD assists organizations in evaluating current organizational structures to ensure efficiency & effective design of their workforce…

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Business Planning
and Growth

With over two decades of experience, our team helps organizations grow their bottom line by identifying efficiencies and assisting…

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Retained Project
and Consulting Resources

MPD provides HR consulting services, whether you are a small business and do not have a dedicated HR resource or would like to…

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Enhance & Develop Your Workforce

We offer trainings and workshops, coaching, business planning and much more.

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